Recent Projects

Tarana Cres, Baulkham Hills 2153 – Demolish/Rebuild a new single storey house

The client “Ann & Peter” engaged Zeta to build their dreams home.

The project featured:

  • Unique design portraying a ship
  • Hydronic heated slab to entire house floor including bathrooms
  • Polished concrete for entire floor 320m2 including bathrooms and powder room
  • Stylish kitchen
  • Elegant bathrooms
  • Unique front door and façade panels in rusted steel paint
  • Bifold stacker doors with bottom channel cast into polished concrete floor

Saint Joseph Chaldean Church – Memphis Street, Mt Druitt

Zeta Engineering has developed the concept design of the new Church as part of the brief for tendering. It also managed the design and development consent stages. Monarch Projects was engaged as the head designers for the project. Zeta Engineering is at present managing the construction phase.

The Church features: A cross-shaped building with the long arm of the cross being the main church building. The right hand side arm is a community hall and can be used as a chapel for small service. The left hand side arm of the cross is a two story building; the ground floor being offices and the first floor is the parish priest residence. The total site area is 3004m2 and the church is 350m2. The church will be built with steel frame structure sitting on concrete slab and built with selected face bricks. It features two domes at the façade and a larger dome sitting on the roof above main alter

Innovative design including design of an OSD tank at basement ceiling of a building in Polding Street, Fairfield Heights

OSD refers to On-Site Detention Tank, an approach used to detain rainwater within a tank during major storms to protect street stormwater system from sudden large flows.

The project was for a commercial building and the aim was to save every square meter of the land. The challenges with this project were to provide an OSD tank that complies with Fairfield City Council requirements and Hydraulic Engineering principles whilst minimising the area lost for construction of OSD tank. Zeta team designed an OSD tank supported to the ceiling of the basement.

The design fulfilled Council and engineering requirements with ZERO losses.

This innovative design has saved the developer an area for a large commercial shop and a spacious office.

Overland flood modelling for horse training facility in Helensburgh

The hours training facility at Helensburgh had accommodation facilities built around the main operations shed for the staff. The site is subject to overland flooding.

Wollongong City Council required the client to demonstrate that the already constructed accommodation facilites (Cabins) will not impede floodplain path nor it would divert runoff to neighbouring properties.

Zeta team completed a flood modelling study included hydrology and hydraulic modelling and has successfuly demonstrated that the accommodation facilities will not impact on overland flood profile. Council adopted the finding and allowed the facilites to be kept and used.

Stormwater design including OSD tank for Chaldean Catholic Church in Fairfield

The topography of the Church site has a big fall to the front (street) and this nullified the possibility of utilising the car parking area as an above ground on-site detention tank.

Zeta team designed an underground OSD tank comprising two halves; one at the site entry and the other at the site exit driveway. Both halves were furnished with restriction orifice to control flow and were interconnected underground to a site discharge pit.

Dipodium Ave, Denham Court, Oran Park

A construction job featuring:

  • Modern design façade and rear
  • Spacious bedrooms and ramps rooms
  • Stylish kitchen
  • Elegant bathrooms
  • Nice interior design and colors harmony

Peckham Grove, Oran Park

The challenge of this project was to design and build a decent size four bed room house on a small land, 300m2.
The project features:

  • Neat facade
  • Stylish kitchen
  • Elegant bathrooms
  • Custom designed suspended to wall staircase

Junction Road, Baulkham Hills 2153 – Construction of a new double story house

The client “Katrina & Randee” had signed a preliminary contract with a large construction company for a design and build package. During final discussions to close the deal they cancelled project due to escalating costs. They approached Zeta Engineering as a small and focused team to deliver their project.

Zeta delivered a design and build package. The project featured:

  • Outstanding frontage
  • Four large bedrooms
  • Stylish bathrooms
  • Modern kitchen
  • Vintage blended with modern finishing

Oxford Street, Smithfield 2164 – Detached double story duplex

The client “Elias” is owner and operator of a pizza restaurant.Zeta was engaged to demolish an existing single story house and build two detached houses.

The site is a medium risk precinct as a result of overland flooding. The design included an elevated ground floor slab with drop edge beams.

The project features:

  • Optimum usage of small land with nice frontages
  • Very large opened kitchen and living area ground floor
  • Modern bathrooms
  • Modern kitchen